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At HOVER, we are on a mission to organize the world’s physical structure and we are a trusted provider for homeowners, our customers, and within our partner ecosystem. To do this, we commit to communicate transparently, provide security, and protect the privacy of the data within HOVER’s systems.

Your home, your data.

Transparency is the cornerstone of trust.

Your choices matter.

Security and Privacy

We train our employees on our security and privacy policies. Our policies govern acceptable and prohibited use of our networks and services. More importantly, they describe how we protect your personal data. You can review how we protect your privacy here.

Some of our most important policies include:

Information Security Policy

Access Management

Information Asset Management


Here’s more information about our privacy and security practices. If you don’t find what you are looking for, please check our help center or contact us at

How do I report security or unethical behavior concerns?

Who controls which individuals can access the data in my HOVER account?

How do you protect my data?

How do you maintain the quality and security of the HOVER product?

What are your data retention and deletion policies?

How do you ensure the security of HOVER’s business partners?

Is HOVER SOC2 certified?

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