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How to enable virtual selling and help your business thrive

How to enable virtual selling and help your business thrive

A summary from webinar 2 of our 3-part series. Originally presented on May 13, 2020, Adrian Calabrese and Clayton Pisani from HOVER discussed how leading contractors have enabled virtual selling workflows to maintain their business during social distancing, laying the foundation for long-term efficiency and engagement with homeowners who prefer virtual appointments.

Watch the full webinar below or access the recording here.


As the home improvement industry and our entire world continues to deal with COVID-19 and social distancing regulations, Adrian Calabrese and Clayton Pisani from HOVER presented how they are helping home improvement businesses move forward during these challenging times. Adrian and Clayton have extensive experience working with HOVER customers and contracting companies throughout the West Coast, and they shared their insights to help guide the industry.

Topics covered in the webinar:

  • How to navigate rapid organizational change and implement a new selling process
  • Overview of remote engagement “no-touch” workflows and how this can help current business
  • How to capture photos of a home remotely, using HOVER Connect
  • Conducting virtual sales meeting with homeowners, leveraging the HOVER 3D model and measurements report

Adrian revealed that most of the contractors he works with have concerns around business impact and general ability to continue their business operations during COVID-19. These concerns include regulations on face-to-face contact and on-site visits. Adrian explained that “contractors are telling us that homeowners are postponing or even canceling appointments. They need new ways to engage property owners remotely.”

Current Climate Benefits:

• Maintain business continuity
• Keep homeowners safe
• Keep your employees safe

Long-term Benefits:

• Increase team productivity
• Create operational efficiencies
• Grow # of leads worked/day
• Align with how homeowners want to interact

Adrian then detailed how “no-touch” workflows can enable contractors to engage with and sell to their customers remotely. He explained that these workflows “not only allow you to maintain your business but provide a competitive advantage and differentiate your company.”

Clayton provided the attendees with a demonstration of HOVER’s platform, including the Connect feature which allows homeowners to take the photos of their property that are used to generate a 3D model and measurements. He outlined the key elements of a remote engagement platform that enables contractors to conduct virtual meetings and close business remotely.

Clayton explained how HOVER can support contractors in the journey to implement virtual selling, providing training, enablement for sales teams and ongoing support. He stated that it typically takes about a week to get a contractor up to speed with virtual workflows and that his team has helped 95% of the customers in their territory convert to remote engagement. The key benefits that most contractors have seen include dramatically reduced cancellations, and increased close rates.

In closing, we learned that remote engagement will not end once COVID-19 passes. This pandemic has acted as a catalyst for inevitable digital transformation. Implementing virtual capabilities now will allow contractors to operate more efficiently in the future and engage with homeowners who prefer virtual appointments to traditional face-to-face interaction.

See HOVER’s comprehensive marketing kit to help you promote your remote engagement capabilities on your website and social channels.

If you would like to learn more about HOVER and how to implement a remote engagement selling framework, do not hesitate to reach out and schedule a call.

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