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The Power of Two Call Closing in One Virtual Meeting

We are all living life more virtually these days and your customers are no exception. They’ve adapted and now expect to do more from the comfort of their homes without the need for in-person contact. We help contractors every day stand out and succeed with the modern homeowner, which often means selling a job without a physical seat at the kitchen table.

It is increasingly common for homeowners to reject the in-person appointment in favor of a virtual one. The right virtual meeting can remove unnecessary site-visits that slow down the process while still allowing you to flex your customer service muscle. To meet the needs of both you and your customers, we’ve developed a remote engagement solution that we like to call the “no call close.”

Here’s how the most successful contractors are using HOVER to close business virtually:

Use technology to get what’s needed ahead of time

First, you need accurate measurements to scope and quote the job. With HOVER, the homeowner can easily take a few photos that get you HOVER’s comprehensive measurements that you can turn into dependable quotes for both roofing and siding jobs. That way, you have everything you need before the virtual appointment.

Homeowners love to see the photos they took to transform into an interactive 3D model of their home. You build trust as it’s easy to show what the materials and colors you sell will look like when they’re installed.

Centralize it

When your teams aren’t in the same place, it can be hard to keep track of what’s happening across projects. By saving everything from measurements to property photos to the 3D model in one place it keeps everyone on the same page.

Many contractors use HOVER to bridge the gap between their sales and production teams too. HOVER can support a team from generating estimates and signing contracts to generating materials lists and work orders, which are easily accessible for each project within HOVER.

Embrace virtual meetings

The key ingredient to the no call close is providing customers with video conferencing. You can connect with homeowners more than you think you can with the right tools to support the sale. On video calls, you can easily share the 3D model, which is a great bridge for you to communicate the scope of the project and for the homeowner to express their vision. Together, you can apply the materials and colors you sell and agree on a final design that builds confidence in the end result.

Once you get to “yes”, the next steps should be the easy part. Empower your customer with HOVER’s digital contracts that are easy to share and sign electronically. Keep up with the curve and learn more about remote engagement solutions for your business.

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